Hi, we are Geomant.
We are on a mission to continue innovating in the telecommunications market.


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Join Our Team at Geomant

Geomant is about connecting people, information and technology to produce powerful, integrated and cohesive communication for the digitally connected customer. Our mission is to provide our customers with a world-class service, to support them in maintaining commitments to their clients, to create excellent products and to continue innovating in the market.


Why We Started

Geomant was started out of engineers’ pride. We wanted to create an environment where excellence and innovation of engineering for best in class business solutions are unlimited.

What We Do

We are creating world class IT solutions for companies that are dealing with large number of customer interactions. We help our clients to create excellent customer service over voice, email, chat, SMS, video or any other channel.

How We Work

We strive to find the perfect solutions even for the most complicated business situations. The accumulated experience and our creative mind is the guarantee to deliver even the impossible.

Locations Worldwide
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Advantages of Working with Us

Become a part of something big

You will be part of something exciting. What you create will be used by hundreds of thousands all over the world.


You will be working directly with end customers and you will be encouraged to make decisions on your own.

Small team, big impact

You will be important for us and we will truly count on your talent in our project teams.


Beautiful office, a relaxed and comfortable environment in the center of the capital. Open office – sharing ideas and boosting creativity by working together.

Company Culture

Interesting work with talented, like-minded colleagues in a vivid, dynamic work environment. Every day brings something new.

Influential Partnerships

We are working with the biggest for the biggest. We partner with Microsoft and Avaya to deliver solutions to leading companies of the world.

Sane Working Hours

The work needs to be done, that is fixed. Working hours are flexible.

Leisure at Geomant

Parties, summer excursions, company sport teams and beer nights.

Geomant's Values

As we grow as a company, our values guide the way we think, we work, we collaborate and do business. These values lay the foundation for Geomant.



We strongly believe that best results are achievable through strong teamwork. This is why we promote and encourage our associates to act, feel and take pride in being members of a winning team.


Geomant is a loyal and committed partner to all companies and businesses with whom we cooperate. We endorse policies of strong partnerships and we believe that only through them we can reach common goals.


Only through our innovations, our partners and customers will constantly find additional significance in our cooperation.


Our work environment and the market we operate in, is multinational, so we strongly promote and respect cultural diversities.


We are committed to success – our own, our partners’ and our customers’.


We promise to deliver excellent services that go beyond our partners’ expectations.

About You

Our Services Department is organized around five technical disciplines. During the interview we will decide the best fit for you. After joining Geomant you will receive basic training and we will introduce you to the Contact Center Technology. Soon afterwards you will be assigned to your first project. You will work closely with your Team Leader and fellow team members. With support provided this will help you in gaining a successful start.



Whether you have finished or you have ongoing studies in Information Technology, Software Development or Electrical Engineering. We can offer full-time jobs for fresh graduates and also part-time internships for students.

Professional Knowledge

You are open to learn anything new, while you already have strong IT basics, such as programming languages and operating systems: .Net/C#/Java, Linux/Windows.

Communication and Language Skills

You can confidently share your thoughts and ideas both in English and Hungarian. Besides the daily teamwork in our Hungarian based technical HQ, you will also work directly with customers from all over the world.

Your Mindset

You always strive to understand the whole picture. You have a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements. You have a long-term plan for your career and high expectations for your workplace.
We want people who can solve challenging problems, make a real impact and build something big.